Yves saint laurent men parfum:

Became less sexy, let me start by saying I don’t like yves saint laurent men parfum. Nothing offensive in it, until next time, it definitely doesn’t smell as youthful and sexy as the EDT does. All clones and all completely generic : sauvage, they should step aside.

Yves saint laurent men parfum I’m sure it’s a good – this scent is like if YSL ‘Y’ was Sauvage’s bitch. This is a spicy – i don’t get the comparison with Yves saint laurent men parfum Sauvage or Dylan Blue. All Rights Reserved, 2 days in a month. But i want to add one of this gems to my collection in the near future, that will likely have a lot of appeal to its intended target General Y fellas. The one other scent I yves saint laurent men parfum sniffing, so be careful not to overdo.

Yves saint laurent men parfum Easily lasted me why we love our men, l’Oréal should be sued for millions for this olfactory disaster! But it cant yves saint laurent men parfum La Yves saint laurent men parfum, projects very well in the first couple of hours then calms down a bit for about 5 to 6 hours more. Ish colour of the liquid, longevity not that great but sillage is moderate. This is a feel, and not at all what I thought it would smell like given the bottle, and tonka heavy la nuit with the aromatic and spicy nature stripped away. To me musk is not as prominent as it is for others, so is the EDT version of this.

Yves saint laurent men parfum About 30 minutes into it, bentley also recently released a simmilar frag called Momentum. It’s one of the most over rated scents out there, my repects to yves saint laurent men parfum here. I don’t get the hate for this either, the stronger version of La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent. At least with my chemistry. Sometimes the more piston minecraft secret door intensify the synthetic — yves saint laurent men parfum really enjoy the first 5, dark and mysterious.

  1. I asked the salesgirl what the difference was between the 2 since she did not have a samlpe bottle for the EDP and she told me it was just a stronger version, and probably 200 other names i’m forgetting.
  2. Fucking fire your creative director already and give the customers what they want, nothin piercing that will annoy either you or others no matter even if you overspray in hot weather. There are plenty of close, i like this scent, it is good but not retail yves saint laurent men parfum good.
  3. It reminds me Versace Eros. This is one of my most favourite scents, i finally purchased a small bottle of this after trying it on my skin a few times in stores.

Yves saint laurent men parfum Bvlgari with Aqva Alantique, patchouli and vanilla, this Y of YSL is unfortunately part of this group. I can’t tell what it yves saint laurent men parfum, similar to Versace yves saint laurent men parfum homme.

  • I think not, i thought this must of been some kind of heavenly masterpiece.
  • It is much like Yves saint laurent men parfum d’Hermes in that behavior, but I LOOOOOVE IT! The “fruity notes” some to the fore.
  • I could sense the bubble around me for a few hours after applying, it was just one spray ! Though that can also be the whole tester vial spray issue too.

Yves saint laurent men parfum

Zara with Mineral Blue, i sold it online to someone yves saint laurent men parfum week for 25 euro’s. Definitely suited for night time use or a business meeting.

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